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:: Friday, March 16, 2007

Supertouch offers us a preview of WK's show in Paris at the Adict Galerie which opens tonight.

Re: Friday Night Videos. Should deux (Agglomerat, France, 1983) be feeling ripped off by Anton Corbijn and DM (Mute, England, 1987)? This wouldn't be the first time.

News from the City of Angels, our favorite purveyor of high-design, All Purpose has joined with Cyberoptix TieLab to illustrate the concept of James Dean's 1955 car crash "Whiplash" intricate prints of auto part schematic illustrations repeated and mirrored into complex, twisted patterns. I'm sure Ms. Bethany or Mr. Doyle will be posting more on this soon.

Until then, enjoy our Friday Night Video tribute to all things French (Videos de Vendredi Nuit?)

Rare cold-wave par excellence
Another French rarity (from 2003)
Even the fake french are fabulous
But we still love North America

Meanwhile, Think Geek introduces a new reason to be gunned down on the streets of L.A.

According to Gothamist, my favorite supplier of all things simple and good, MUJI will be opening a flagship store in The Times building in NYC. This will augment their small subset of goods already offered at MoMA, SF MoMA and MoCA (at triple the JP prices). I'm especially eager to finally have access to some of their larger products that are either too bulky to schlep back from Japan, and that are not stocked at the museums, like this sleek CD clock radio.

:: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

5 new Katamari Damacy shirts from our friends at Panic Software up in Portland.


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