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:: Friday, August 04, 2006

Not sure how old this video is, but it certainly does raise a lot of questions.

Clinton E. Curtis, ex-programmer for Yang Enterprises tells all during a Congressional hearing on voting fraud.

In October 2000, Curtis was asked by Tom Feeney (R), then Speaker of the House in Florida (now U.S. Congressman to the State of Florida), to write a computer program that would render electronic voting fraud undetectable. Curtis did just that and testifies before the congressional hearing.

:: Thursday, August 03, 2006

Best. Nike. Ad. Ever.

Sigh. Looks like it was shot right around where I used to live near Dogpatch (Potrero Hill) in San Francisco.

Check out more of our new friend Nemo Gould's robots at nemomatic.com.

:: Wednesday, August 02, 2006

If you happen to find yourself in Berlin this summer, make sure to check out Kubik. Pointed out by our friends at Gridskipper, Kubik is a temporary outdoor club that hosts nightly electronic concerts from now to September 16th. The 120 cubes are programmed to light up and synchronize with the music played by a rotating roster of international DJ's. More information is available on the Kubik site (auf Deutch).

Check out the video of the Kubik opening (QuickTime).


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