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:: Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Weekly Pick: The Presets

From Modular People, the same Aussie label that brought you last year's brilliant Bright Like Neon Love from Cut Copy come the electro punk sounds of The Presets. Their new single from their album Beams, Are You The One? has been described as “English Soccer Hoodlum meets Brazilian house music.” A must listen for anyone wanting a ruckus on the dancefloor. In fact, rumor has it that Soulwax have also invited them to play with them in April.

Check out the video for Are You The One? (Quicktime)
Read an interview
Buy from Amazon
See them live in LA on 3/21 at Cinespace

And while you're marking your calendar, don't forget to mark of 5/2 when Ladytron will be performing at the El Rey.

They Love Me Not

Thanks to Jupiter for setting me straight on the aforementioned Lexus Flower. As I had previously posted, Lexus did in fact lease the flower for its PR event at the Chicago Auto Show, however the flower’s origins had nothing to do with Lush Camp’s beautiful but relatively simple bloom. In fact the fully mobile Giant Flower was created by Los Angeles-based Burning Man artists at The Do Lab (a collaboration with Patrick Shearn and Abundant Sugar) and is a remarkable feat of engineering featuring color changing LED's, full robotic articulation capabilities and the ability to mist overheated admirers with a welcoming blast of cool water. There are plenty of gorgeous shots worth checking out at the Burning Man website.

:: Monday, February 27, 2006

Pictures of the new Saab Aero X concept car, plus VW wants to help you un-pimp your ride.

Radio Activity
In most urban environments a quick scan of the streets or public transit is more likely to reveal throngs of iPod-clad denizens than anyone listening to the radio. In our "mp3streamcasting" world, radio seems to be more and more of an anachronism and less socially relevant than ever before. But not in LA. Sure, LA has it’s share of pod people, but because of it’s overwhelming geographical size and dominant car culture, radio has the potential to be the glue that holds the social fabric in place. Why then does radio in LA suck so badly? In the eighties, before corporate control KROQ was a shining light of independent modern rock. Nowadays, KXLU and KCRW both have their moments, but there is no station dedicated to maintaining a discourse dedicated to music culture.

Enter Dave Conway and Little Radio. Broadcasting from a warehouse here in Downtown LA, Little Radio plays diverse music hosted by authorities from around the world, and the Little Radio warehouse serves as an adhoc gathering space where art and music coincide. Lucinda Michele Knapp just published a great piece on Little Radio in the LA Alternative, and we’d like to extend Dave and his collaborators a warm iRobotnik welcome and the best of luck with Little Radio. I’m sure you’ll be reading about Little Radio quite a bit here in the future. In the meantime, bookmark littleradio.com and look forward to their big website launch on March 1st.

What if Microsoft redesigned the iPod package?


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