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:: Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A minor update about our favorite boys from Basildon. In addition to a new album this fall, Depeche Mode will be playing the following North American cities during October, November and December of 2005:

Fort Lauderdale
Tampa / St Pete
San Antonio
Salt Lake City
San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Washington, D.C.
New York

Check depechemode.com/tour for updates.

:: Monday, June 20, 2005

We Are the Superlative Conspiracy
Sweden's newish WE clothing store on 144 S. Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills is one of my new favorites. They've taken creation through collaboration to a new level, and it's resulted in a Scandinavian-directed synthesis with some of the most interesting designers, artists, skateboarders and brands today. Of specific interest is their collaboration with Adidas to create a unique, limited editon line of We/Adidas. I particularly like the Dakota slip on and may need to make it my kick of choice for the warm LA summer days ahead. Additionally, they've launched their second round of summer tees, designed by a variety of conspirators from Japan's Bathing Ape, Germany's Lodown magazine, and German/Mexican designer Nathan Jobe from adidas original. Regardless, you've got to love a company that proudly sells a leather eyepatch available in two colors as part of it's accessory line.


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