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:: Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Brilliant! The Fox Blocker, get one for everyone on your holiday shopping list! [Thanks, Doyle]

:: Monday, December 13, 2004

These dudes shred. [thanks, Doyle]

Shopping for the Daft Punk fan on your list, but mystified about what to get them since the beloved French robots seem to be in hiatus not producing new records these days? Never fear, there’s always the Interstella 5555 Daft Punk action figure sets – collect ‘em all! [thanks, TeflonJacket]

The kooky Anti-Drum Machine guy was out again all day on Sunday in front of Amoeba records on Sunset in LA. He's the leader of the "Society for the Rehumanization of American Music". He was a nice enough guy, he even let me take his picture with my phone (which baffled him), even after showing him my bagful of synthetic delights. If you've got something to say about his anti-rhythm box position, he invites you to contact him directly at (323) 732-6160. He has no e-mail.


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