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:: Tuesday, November 23, 2004

You've seen the Sandwich, now you can own the trucker hat.

There are also a number of celebrities who have mysteriously revealed their presence through the now famous breaded ooey-gooey medium:
Howard Stern
Wesley Snipes
Ray Charles

If you're bored this Thanksgiving weekend, you should try rasterbating. Really! It's super cool - just upload your photograph to the Rasterbator and they send it back to you as a series of PDF documents that, when pieced together, are a huge version of your image. [thanks Apartment Therapy]

I ran into Ryan from Broker/Dealer at Ellen Allien Saturday night. He was there to promote his upcoming POP show happening December 4th at RX Gallery. He'll be spinning the latest sounds collected from his recent Ghostly tour, as well as selections from special guest DJ Tony Watson (wax/mekanic) and a live performance by Rollmottle. If you're in SF make a point of supporting local, live electronic music and checking out POP.

A $28,000 grilled cheese sandwich? Jesus. Doyle reminds us that Florida is a red state.


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