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:: Saturday, June 05, 2004

Check out Sphere Magazine, issue 01 online now - art, fashion, design - the usual suspects.

Breakdancing Transformers. Need I say more?

:: Friday, June 04, 2004

Apparently Radioactive Man will NOT be appearing on Saturday (however you can still catch Cybrid and Broker/Dealer):

"Due to circumstances beyond our control, Radioactive Man will not be appearing"

[from dr] Get out the Geiger counters! Nuclear-powered robots will want to head over to 132 Eddy St. this Saturday night to hear Radioactive Man (Two Lone Swordsmen's Keith Tenniswood) along with Cybrid and Broker/Dealer. More info at blasthaus.com.

It's so fun when you're pretty and go grocery shopping. You can laugh and make fun of everything, and race the carts the around, and take 100 items to the express lane, and everyone thinks it's cute and endearing instead of obnoxious and stupid.

See more Supermodel Personals. Thanks Lily.


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