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:: Thursday, May 20, 2004

I kept telling you guys this was going to happen, but no, you had to keep bossing them around.
[via Gizmodo]

:: Wednesday, May 19, 2004


ellen allien – usa tour 2004
we are very sorry to annouce that the ellen allien tour planned in the u.s. had to be canceled. after two dj sets in canada (montreal and quebec) the u.s.customs authorities refused to let her into the country. we tried to make it work out, but unfortunately we couldnīt convince them to let her in. we apologize to everybody who was looking forward to seeing and hearing ellen play. we are all very sad about it! but we hope to be able to arrange a new tour in the near future.

Show me your reality, I'll show you mine.

Just a quick note about fellow robot Nathan a.k.a. the man behind the electronic sounds of "aalacho". There's a lot happening with aalacho right now, a new release called "electro", and an all new website. Here's a snippet from the site:

Armed with a Korg, a Mac, a second hand Les Paul and a notebook's worth of arguably clever lyrics, aalacho emerged from Seattle's post-grunge music scene in the year 2000 with a decidedly American twist on European dance-pop. Aalacho's 2002 debut release, 'sugar', landed it a 9 week stint on the CMJ RPM Top 20 with its affectionate blend of ambient-house, retro-techno and indie-rock guitars.

With its new release, 'electro', aalacho takes its cue from the crop of new-wave / post-punk revivalists currently energizing the electronica landscape. Respectfully cribbing from the likes of Kraftwerk, OMD and The Replacements to create its own audio niche, aalacho wears its lo-fi heart on its sleeve and invites the listener into an engaging world of haunting melodies, unpredictable arrangements and a surfeit of shimmering, buzzing guitars. Includes a remix by Felix da Housecat.

Nathan was generous enough to send a copy of the new CD, I'll post more about it as soon as I'm back in town and have a chance to grab it. In the meantime, check out the new aalacho site, or better yet, check out aalacho at the iTunes music store by clicking the button below.

:: Monday, May 17, 2004

Roboho? [most decidedly NOT work safe. Courtesy Gizmodo].

If you missed out on Saturday's Ellen Allien show, don't feel bad. It was a complete bust, cancelled because supposedly Ms. Allien was delayed in transit from a prior show in Canada. She's scheduled to do a makeup show this Saturday night at Club Six, but wouldn't you know it, I'll be out of town, sigh.


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