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:: Friday, May 07, 2004

[from Gizmodo] The Wireless Weblog has a nice interview with Joshua Kinberg, the New York-based 'Wireless Activist' who is the creator of the mobile WiFi access point 'Magicbike,' founder of 'BluetoothUsersAgainstBush.com' and inventor of the new 'Bikes Against Bush' project, in which a moving, spray-chalk equipped bike will automatically paint messages on the streets of New York during the upcoming Republican National Convention--messages transmitted to the bike from people on the internet. This is a busy man, this Josh Kinberg.

Robot Reminders

Tonight at the Fillmore, make sure to catch Einstürzende Neubauten perform their unique brand of rhythmic extremism as they promote their latest experimental release, Perpetuum Mobile.

Saturday, head to Rx Gallery at Eddy & Mason to hear Norway's own Erlend Ĝye behind the decks as part of his tour to promote his latest DJ Kicks release.

:: Monday, May 03, 2004

Los Angeles robots, make sure and get to The Echo this Friday to support our friends Toula, Tobias (collectively known as Synesthesia) and others as they present the Synth City West Coast Tour, with Kompute live!

Venue - Live Synth Rock & Video Installation www.sixex.com
Hidden Variable - Live Laptop Industrial www.komputemusik.com/hv.html
Matt Nee - Techno Industrial DJ Set www.komputemusik.com/mattnee.html
Tobias - Electro/Rock/Techno DJ Set www.lovetobias.com

8pm / $7 /18+


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