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:: Thursday, March 25, 2004

Come out This Saturday night and celebrate the FINAL party at San Francisco's legendary Betalounge and celebrate Robotspeak Sessions' first anniversary with an amazing lineup of local electronic music talent including Broker/Dealer, Morchipet, Mork Choklad, Chris Degiere and my personal favorite Men Machines, Cybrid. Betalounge has been a pioneer in both the San Francisco party scene, and online with their Network Syndicate - Sponsered by Robotspeak. Do not miss this one!

:: Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Having grown tired of the oppressive atmosphere concrete can give to a structure, 27 year-old Aron Losonczi has invented a type of concrete that allows light to pass through. By combining fiberoptic material with standard concrete, the newly-dubbed 'LitraCon' will allow silhouettes of outdoor shapes to pass through to the inside of rooms.

Losonczi hopes this will give buildings a "lighter" feeling. The material has all the load-bearing strength of regular concrete and should become available later this year.


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