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:: Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I've never been a big Howard Stern fan. I've heard the show and been amused from time to time, but after this I think I'm ready to give him another chance. Listen to an MP3 snippet of a recent Stern anti-bush rant.

Supercomputer Beats

Looking for something new in the experimental electronic music scene? Check out Google Plex. A fascinating concept in music by S.E.T.I researcher Dr. Scott Bruzenak - music derived from analyzing and extracting bursts of patterns from seemingly random data. Truly unique!

:: Monday, March 15, 2004

So many robots in the news these days, I can't keep up. Here are a few of the more interesting links:

- A Mini Cooper r50 has been turned into a robot that closely resembles a Transformer.
- $1 million DARPA sponsored race by driverless robots ended Saturday after all 15 entries either broke down or withdrew.
- Award winning Japanese designer who created the Bitman wearable device, Ryota Kuwakubo, showcases his lo-fi robots online.
- iRobotnow movie trailer now online at Apple's QuickTime page.
- ZMP and Mizuno have teamed up to produce a robot called Nuvo that can be controlled via your cell phone or via voice commands.

:: Sunday, March 14, 2004

The year digital cameras went analog...

Continuing to buck the trend of computerized do-everything-automatically digital cameras, Epson and Cosina have teamed up to launch the Epson Rangefinder Digital Camera R-D1, a six-megapixel digital camera designed to accept legendary Leica M-mount lenses. The R-D1 is another beautifully designed cameras with knobs, switches and dials that is sure to whet your retro appetite. An article can be found here, with more pictures here.

Feeling a John Hughes moment coming on? Then dust off your leather jacket, put on a little eyeliner and head to Slims tomorrow, Monday 3/15 to catch The Psychedelic Furs and Berlin as they relive some of their time-tested new wave singles (Pretty in Pink, Love My Way, etc.) Concert presented by New Wave City and VH1.


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