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:: Friday, November 28, 2003

Thankful for German Techno

Just a little over a month after Ellen Allein graced us with her amazing set at Mezzanine, you've got another chance to experience some of the most extraordinary, sophisticated in electronic music available today right here in our very own San Francisco. All you have to do is get over to Club Six tonight and see Michael Mayer from Cologne-based label Kompakt. Opening for Michael are our very own Broker/Dealer and their unique brand of electronic syncopations.

Not convinced? Check out this excellent SF Weekly article, and Mayer's refreshingly genuine comment, "it's serious, not ironic," affirms Mayer. "We still stand behind our history. We don't think it's wrong if we used to listen to Pet Shop Boys. We think it's great music, so there's no reason to transform it to the club universe in an ironic way." After two-plus years of tired clich´┐Ż and oh-so-clever irony on the dance floor, Mayer's genuine love of the genre and masterful skills could make this the year's premiere San Francisco nightclub performance.

Regretably, I'm out of town for the holiday weekend, so I'm relying on you, faithful robots, to get out there and send a message that San Francisco is ready to rock, Kompakt style. Tickets are available at Blasthaus, and thanks as always to Christoph for the tip.

Also, don't forget the weird and wonderful TAMALA 2010 opens this weekend at the Castro Theater and is not to be missed!

:: Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Get a life, people. I mean, really!

:: Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Playlistism, Aubrey explained, is discrimination based not on race, sex or religion, but on someone's terrible taste in music, as revealed by their iTunes music library.

...Sounds entirely reasonable to me.


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