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:: Thursday, August 14, 2003

Following in the footsteps of the now defunct Williamsburg electroclash mecca, Luxx, this Friday will be the last hurrah for San Francisco's Club Fake. Since I won't be there, go party like it's 1984, or 1999, or whatever the catchphrase de jour is and help Omar, Jenny, Nako and the rest of the Fakers bring the place to it's knees one last time.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the aforementioned Soviet show, word has it that they'll still be performing on 8.22, just at the new Dirty Club at the Paradise Lounge.

:: Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Play 20 Questions with an A.I. Obviously the A.I. dosen't know me very well. Here's my results:

You were thinking of a robot. (duh!)

Does it break if dropped? You said Unknown, I say Yes.
Is it a common household object? You said Yes, I say No.
Is it found in a bathroom? You said Probably, I say No.
Is it straight? You said Irrelevant, I say No.
Is it comforting? You said Yes, I say No.
Can you open it? You said Doubtful, I say Probably.
Do you know any songs about it? You said Yes, I say Doubtful.
Can you buy it at a store? You said Probably, I say No.
Do you use it in your home? You said Yes, I say No.

Uncommon Knowledge about a robot: (assumptions by the A.I.)
Do you use it at night? I say No. (what a bore!)
Would you use it in the dark? I say No.
Is it pleasurable? I say No. (ahem)
Can you make sounds with it ? I say Doubtful.
Does it come in specific sizes? I say No.
Have you seen one in real life? I say No.
Do you use it in public? I say No.
Does it make music? I say No. (we all know better!)
Does it play music? I say No.
Does it go in your mouth? I say Probably. (oh behave!)

and finally...Do you love it? I say No.

Oh, the sad state of A.I.

Sorry about the brief site outage. Everything should be back to normal now.


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