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:: Tuesday, March 11, 2003

It took me a few days to get them up, but I’ve posted some pictures from last weekend’s musical extravaganza, and what weekend it was! Headlining was the Brit duo of Liverpool’s Ladytron, indie rockers Simian, L.A.’s very own Mount Sims. And if that weren’t enough, Club Fake punctuated the evening with their own after party DJ’d by none other than Tiga (Int’l Deejay Gigolos, DJ-Kicks). It was a fantastic fête that attracted SF’s most happening party robots. If you missed it, don’t fret too much – Ladytron will be back on April 27th for an encore performance. Click here for photo evidence of the night’s decadence - there are lots of shots, so be patient as they load.

Hyper-mediocrity? Not even. Slate magazine's Gerald Marzorati blasts Fischerspooner's #1 and proclaims it "the worst album of the year" in a scathing article. Here's a rather lengthy quote:

Fischerspooner's debut album, #1, is bad camp. It is also, in its expensive manufacture and expansive hype, a signal act of bad faith. It is the expression of an exhausted New York art world still clinging (since the '70s!) to notions that self-reflexiveness and any sort of bringing to bear on pop culture the tired critique of postmodernist theory represent bold, original acts of transgression. In sum, #1 is an extraordinarily bad recording - in the interest of expansiveness, a shoo-in for worst album of 2003.


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