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:: Thursday, March 06, 2003

Don't forget, tomorrow night Fake is hosting the Ladytron and Mount Sims after party, with Tiga spinning a live set as part of the only SF stop on his DJ Kicks tour.

Firstly, those in London tonight should head to Thirst bar in Soho to hear Client DJing alongside Client F, Sie Medway-Smith, Sneaker Pimps and a special guest DJ. Secondly, a 45-second clip from Client's debut single Price of Love is now online - details are at the Client website.

:: Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I just got back into town and my inbox is positively bursting with news of tasty new musical tidbits, so letís just cut the chase and get to the good stuff:

Tom from the aforementioned electrobleep radio has managed to get his hands on the release of the new ADULT. album Anxiety Always, and itís ALL available for your listening pleasure on electrobleep.com. Itís so damn good! The tracks you'll want to listen to are listed below:
Adult. - don't You Stop
Adult. - the cold call
Adult. - shake your head
Adult. - glue your eyelids together
Adult. - blank eyed, nose bleed
Adult. - turn your back
Adult. - people, you can confuse
Adult. - nothing of the kind
Adult. - nervous (wreck)
Adult. - we know how to have fun
Adult. - kick in the shin

As reported here earlier, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode is close to releasing his new solo project, Counterfeit 2. There are three full length streaming QuickTime files from his upcoming album available here.

Meanwhile, the cover art for lead singer David Gahanís solo project Paper Monsters is online here and a short video interview is online here. Iím still skeptical that this album will be far too rocky an affair, but itís worth keeping an eye on.

Ghost orchids recently headed down south to perform a live set in San Diego and Lester from Electroluxe has some fun photos online here and here.

Iíve also heard some juicy rumors about some our most beloved electro bands, but I canít reveal anything just yet Ė youíll have to stay tuned!

:: Sunday, March 02, 2003

Last night I actually managed to escape the gravitational pull of SF's tractor beam and travel to Oakland's Ego Park gallery. Although I'm by no means an Oakland expert, from last night's outing I expect that if it's not already, Ego Park will soon be regarded as the artistic epicenter of the East Bay.

The incentive for the cross-bridge trek was a fundraiser event for the gallery, and to check out the artwork of Aisha Burnes (a.k.a. Dirty Larry) while listening to a variety of bands kick out the jams in the back yard. The award for the evening's most entertaining performance has to go to Crack: We Are Rock, who's gritty, futuristic frequencies and unremorseful pulsations were only topped by the cool robotic performance of the two female lead vocalists (The Cave Twins), the Gene Simmons-headed King Riff and the Mexican wrestler turned keyboard player otherwise known as Obscuratron. If youíre feeling left out, you can catch their upcoming 3/12 show at the El Rio.

The crowd was also treated to a live performance by Experimental Dental School, with an after dance party DJ set by experimental noise gurus Matmos (of BjŲrk fame). The turn out was pretty good, and judging by the good time had by yours truly, and the exuberant mood of the crowd, Iíd say the fundraiser was a big success. Just click on the pictures above for photographic evidence of the evening's debauchery.

Unfortunately, since I still havenít perfected the art of being in two places at the same time, I missed out on going to what sounded like a fun party at Cafe Mars in Soma where clothing designer and friend Allison Nelson was showing some of her latest Red Threds creations.


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