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:: Thursday, February 20, 2003

Spreading the news around the world...

Depeche Mode and their offspring are making news. First off, as mentioned several months ago, Andrew Fletcher's new label's first release will be Client's Price Of Love to be released on 4/7 in the UK. If you haven't already checked out Client, you can download 3 free MP3 tracks from their website: client-online.net. In other things Mode, Martin Gore, the brains behind Depeche Mode's songs is finishing up his solo project, a sequel to 1989's Counterfeit entitled Counterfeit 2. It will be released on Mute records on April 29th here in the US. A single called Stardust will hit UK stores on April 14th. Thanks to Orac UK for the tip on the release dates.

:: Monday, February 17, 2003

We interrupt our normally scheduled dose of robotic rhetoric to bring you a quick political update:

Yesterday I joined more than 150,000 people here in San Francisco (and millions of voices around the world) in hitting the streets to protest the proposed U.S. invasion of Iraq. The outpouring of support for the anti-war movement was impressive, spanning nearly 12 large city blocks stretching from the waterfront to City Hall. Here are a few images from the day’s events:

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

:: Sunday, February 16, 2003

…and Deutschemark, FBI and Scotland Yard.

Thanks to Sabrina, Randall and their extra ticket I was able to go to last night’s Interpol show at the Fillmore. While a bit more indie than my usual robot band d’ jour, I really enjoyed their performance. They sounded amazing, had a great on stage presence, and flaunted a flair for smoking cigarettes that in my experience has only been topped by Ian McCullough of Echo and the Bunnymen (who only had to casually raise his to fingers to his lips in order to have a roadie scurry onstage and carefully place a lit fag into his idle hand - a sight to behold). Anyhow, the show was great.

And imagine my surprise when the first opening act came onstage, and it was S.F.’s very own Ghost Orchids! They put on a rockin’ electro-goth set that is sure to be talked about. Nice job, guys. I was able to snap just a few shots before I had to skillfully negotiate with the Fillmore’s security staff to keep my Sony spy camera, but I’ve posted what I did get below.

I also got a chance to meet Bridgit, Juju (a skillful catcher of drumsticks with her own band called Park Avenue Music) and a nice guy who works at Apple who’s name I can’t remember.


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