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:: Wednesday, January 15, 2003

There are whirlwind weeks, then there are weeks where the whirlwind is more like Typhoon Paka. This has been one of those weeks, exhaustion and fun mixed together to create a crazed sense of tension and euphoria.

It all started Friday night with Tommie Sunshine at Club Fake. Lots of fun with new friends and old, and the usual assortment of scandalous behavior electro style. Click here for some photo evidence of the eveningís debauchery.

Then Saturday I and a crew of 8 hopped a plane to LA where I art directed a new photo shoot for Sony at the Downtown and Hollywood Standard Hotels. 3 grueling 16-hour days later, Iím confident in saying the photos turned out absolutely incredible. Some of my best work to date. I couldnít have done it without my amazing crew of models, styling by Travis from Rudyís Barber Shop, makeup by AWNY, amazing clothing from Allison at RedThreds and my photography crew, Damon, Deanna and Sean from Clear For Launch. Iíve posted a few fun behind the scenes photos from the shoot here.

Then, upon returning I had the nicest note in the world waiting in my mailbox from the beautiful and talented Phoenix of Memory Systems thanking me for my enthusiastic support. They even gave me a shout out in the liner notes of the CD Ė thanks, so much guys! Totally unnecessary, but totally appreciated! BTW, Iíve been spinning the new CD non-stop since my return, and itís incredibly infectious Ė if you havenít already, make sure to order it now. So whatís next? Stay tuned.


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