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:: Tuesday, November 26, 2002

First there were sirens. Then I spotted the billowing thick brown smoke.

About 12:30 this afternoon, a terrible fire broke out in San Francisco's Mission district at approximately 17th and Guerrero St., and I watched it all happen. From the moment I heard the sirens, to the time the fire fighters finally put out the blaze, I sat in my office looking out my window, hoping nobody was hurt, and cringing from the knowledge that one or more of my fellow SF denizens would get a call with tragic news, or arrive home to find that "home" no longer existed. Luckily, according to SF Gate, no injuries were reported but over 20 residents were displaced as a result of the blaze.

I was able to snap some pictures, located here, and theyíll serve as a visceral reminder this holiday when Iím asked what Iím thankful for.

:: Monday, November 25, 2002

Michael at Burnlab posts:

The Electraglide festival at Makuhari Messe [where the Tokyo Motor Show is held] happens Friday, Dec. 13th and features Kraftwerk and Squarepusher. Kraftwerk and Squarepusher!

Any Tokyo Robots attending, please send me links to your pictures.


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