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:: Saturday, April 27, 2002

Eugene rocks!

:: Thursday, April 25, 2002

Ladytron is coming to SF! And maybe a city near you:

Ladytron DJ Team
10 (fri) | San Francisco, CA | Club Fake @ The Cat Club

Apparently I am out of the loop, as there is new Blognsob code available. Who knew?

Anyone else as excited about the release of CQ as I am? Looks like a winner.

If you listen to and enjoy Internet radio as I do, this is important. There is a proposed law going to be voted on to kill free internet radio. If the law passes on May 21st 2002 a majority of the smaller webcast stations will go out of business. All internet radio stations such as Yahoo's Launch, Spinner, Live365, Shoutcast will be affected.

As a broadcaster, and an enthusiast, I encourage those of you who enjoy Internet radio to find out more about this law and what you can do to help at saveinternetradio.org.

:: Sunday, April 21, 2002

Over the past 2 years, my mode of 4-wheeled transport has been my trusty Saab. Its high-speed maneuverability and ample cargo space has served me well, but not unlike the Swedish fighter jet it was named after, my little Viggen requires ample and frequent maintenance from highly-trained technicians. Iím afraid I simply donít have the time, or the DI to keep up with its seemingly insatiable appetite for fuel and tires, and the San Francisco streetsí insatiable appetite for my front spoiler and soft, easily bent alloy rims. Iím thinking it may be time to move on and simplify life with something a little less flamboyant, and a bit more economical Ė my eye has been fixated on this lately. Any opinions?

Pheonix from Memory Systems has started a new little new party called Le Freak Plastique at the Hush Hush where she'll be spinning all electro every Sunday.


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