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:: Saturday, December 29, 2001

First there was Michael Graves, then Mossimo - now add 'King of Whimsy' Philippe Starck and Todd Oldham to the list of designers doing an exclusive line for Tar-jÚ (Target). I've said it before and I'll say it again, I applaud Target for their 'design for the masses' approach - they know consumers crave design that's smart and interesting, and Target makes it accessible and affordable. In fact, I understand that Starck's line will consist of 65 exclusive household items all priced at around $10 US. Bravo!

The latest report is that Sarah's cat, Twiggy has a bad, bad habit. You see, she voices her frustrations by peeing on Sarah's pillow. Most recently, the cat-alyst was too many relatives sleeping over for the holidays. Not that I can actually blame Twiggy - when you think about it, it seems like the ideal way to get one's message across. Maybe I'll try it the next time I get frustrated at work. Nevertheless, I'm looking for a solution to help her out with this pissy problem. Got any ideas?

Until then you can visit some other cats that hate you.

There's a great photo album from last January's L.A. Fischerspooner concert over at glamourpimple.com - make sure you flip through every page as not to miss the candid shot of Ethan Hawke - here's an excerpt:

Spencer was in the bathroom taking pictures oh himself in the mirror, when who walks in? you guessed it! Ethan Hawke!, who proceeds to taked a dump, and NOT WASH HIS HANDS!!! And then he walks over to his table, and EATS! GROSS!

I've always liked QuickTime VR content and felt it's one of the underutilized media types on the web. Apparently VRWAY agrees - they have a neat site where they link thousands of real destinations across the globe using QTVR. It's a pretty cool proposition, being able to visit anything, anywhere on-demand. Check it out.

:: Friday, December 28, 2001

So you've witnessed your perfect mate from afar, but you just can't overcome your shyness and actually introduce yourself - what can you do? Try Coincidence Design. They claim it's not stalking, I'm not so certain...

:: Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Oh yes, and let's not forget a big, big thanks to my still secret 'Secret Santa' for the wonderful CD and bonus Legos. Thanks so much! You rock. Who are you? Tell me.

Hope all my fellow robots had a pleasure-filled holiday. Just a quick link today - an interesting article on how companies are able to use the courts, trademarks and copyrights, proprietary technology and deep corporate pockets to control what Internet users do and say, threatening the openness that made the Net unique. Read & enjoy.


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