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:: Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Tokyo first impressions:

- Everyone is so polite – almost to the point of absurdity. One example: At night, the taxi drivers turn off their lights at every red light and stop as not to blind the driver in front or oncoming traffic.
- Speaking of cars, they’re all totally spotless and dent free – and amazing as this sounds, what’s even more amazing is there are no apparent places to wash the cars. I don’t know what the secret is.
- Tokyo is HUGE. It seems to go on forever. I don’t think I could ever learn my way around this city.
- Vending machines are everywhere, selling water, soft drinks, beer and cigarettes. But I still haven’t been able to find any of the famed vending machines selling used panties, though. Maybe it's a myth.
- Soft drinks have the most disgusting names here. One popular brand, Pocari "Sweat" seems to be about as popular as Dr. Pepper. Yuck!
- The sushi and fresh, real wasabi (freshly ground from wasabi root) taste amazing. I'm spoiled forever. I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy sushi in the states again.

All in all, I really love Tokyo. It's a beautiful, fun-filled city. More updates to come.


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