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:: Saturday, December 08, 2001

If I were a work of art, I would be M. C. Escher's Lizards.

I am a bizarre juxtaposition of the real and the unreal. Based in the realm of mathematics, my two-dimensional appearance belies a complex and free-willed behaviour which both delights and confuses people.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test.

I'm off to the land of the rising sun tomorrow. Tokyo Go-Go! A week of future-filled excitement.

:: Friday, December 07, 2001

Attention all robots in the Detroit area; Must see show coming to your town (I wish I could go!):

ADULT. - live Detroit, USA : Friday, Dec. 7, 2001
Ghostly International presents... chapter II: Disco Nouveau.

The Labyrinth
1703 Cass Ave.
Detroit, Michigan
$15.00, 18 and over.
Doors: 10pm-4am

featuring: ADULT., DMX Krew, Ectomorph DJ Set, Charles Manier.

:: Tuesday, December 04, 2001

The latest spam from my once beloved mp3.com boldly states at the top, "Get Signed! Get Heard!". Aside from the obvious questions about their egregious use of exclamation points, I have to wonder - has any band actually achieved any amount of serious fame as a result of being promoted on mp3.com, or is the idea of an online record label having the same sort of impact as a conventional label merely a pipe dream? I'm asking this inquiring mind wants to know.

:: Monday, December 03, 2001

Since every website and news outlet seems to be awash with reports of the "revolutionary" Ginger/IT (henceforth officially known as Segway) transportation device, I feel obliged to throw in my $.02.

- Environmentally friendly
- Easy to ride
- Intuitive controls and interface
- Inventive use of gyroscopic balancing system could benefit many future devices.

- Chunky PlaySkool appearance
- 75 lbs!
- Top speed of only 12.5 MPH (slower than an electric Zappy)
- $3,500-4000!

Call me jaded, but I simply don't see the Segway heralding in a new era of human mobility. I mean c'mon, $4,000? Around these parts $4,000 will buy you a whole lot more transportation that's a whole lot more practical than the Segway. A $4,000 investment should at least buy you enough oomph to be able to cross a bridge. Not only that, but watching the videos on the Segway site, I can almost see the American population becoming more out of shape and more obnoxious (imagine your first experience almost getting mowed down on a public sidewalk by a Segway riding fool chatting it up on his/her cell phone). How 'bout we promote something with positive health benefits and zero environmental impact like biking, or even walking for that matter.

Neat idea. Neat use of technology. Just not what I'd call revolutionary - more like a solution looking for a problem. Wake me up when the personal VTOL hovercraft or jet packs are ready.


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