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:: Thursday, October 25, 2001

An odd thing happened to the MiniDisc player on its tumble toward the ash heap of failed electronic products. The devices, developed by Sony, began getting popular. Very popular.

I couldn't agree more.

Read the NY Times article.

:: Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Nanopops feaures the story of pop's greatest groups, all told in tiny, little pixel art. Their "History of Kraftwerk" is better than a "Behind the Music" episode (from coudal.com).

:: Monday, October 22, 2001

I love google. Not only is it a superior search engine that incorporates web, Usenet & images, it also monitors the pulse of the internet and gives the average Joe like me the ability to reach huge audiences through their self serve Ad Keywords program. There are no minimum purchase requirements, all one needs to do is choose a keyword, enter ad text, specify a spending limit and supply a credit card –next thing you know my radio station is being pimped to everyone who searches for the keyword ‘Kraftwerk’. Brilliant!

Speaking of Kraftwerk, this weekend I read the book I was a Robot by former Kraftwerk percussionist Wolfgang Flür. In this revealing personal account, Wolfgang pulls back the curtain on the men behind the Mench-Machine and shares both his triumphant and not-so triumphant experiences working with the world’s foremost synth pioneers. It’s a fascinating read that shook the foundation of my worship for the boys from Düsseldorf –if you’re a Kraftwerk fan, it’s a must read.


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